About Us

We want to create a Fitness environment where our Members feel like family. Too many times we have seen members fall off the wagon because they had no support group at bigger “Globo” Gyms. At Propel, our focus is you and making you feel comfortable by creating an environment that keeps you Motivated and Accountable. Whether you are new to this fitness journey or have been in the game for years, together, we will push you forward and farther than you have ever been.

Our first program is Personal Training. With Personal Training, we will provide one-on-one attention to target your needs. Whether it is weight loss, strength progression, corrective exercise for rehabilitation, cardio conditioning, or you just want to get in better shape, we have the Personal Trainers here to do it.

The next program we have to offer is our Group Fitness class called PropelFit. For most people, they will find being in a group setting with like-minded individuals will create that Family/Friendly feeling, which is the key to success. In our PropelFit classes, under the guidance of our Personal Trainers/Coaches, we will cover compound strength movements combined with high-intensity cardio sessions. These functional movements and high-intensity/aerobic cardio classes are key to an overall healthier body. All of the workouts will already be programmed for you and can be scaled up or down depending on the individual’s needs.

With all new members, we will offer three sessions that each member is encouraged to attend that is included in their membership. The first session we will cover Mobility/ Flexibility. This is critical to keeping your body injury free. The second session we go over the main Core Strength movements to make sure you have the best form while performing the exercise. This includes, deadlifts, squat, bench, and other variations of compound movements you will experience with our Personal Training and PropelFit classes. The final session we will teach about Nutrition and healthy eating habits. All the working out does no good unless you have the right diet habits in place.

We want to see you succeed and find balance with your health and life. Together, we can accomplish anything!