Our Trainers

Isaiah Reece

Owner/Personal Trainer

Isaiah Reece- Owner, Personal Trainer since 2011

My passion and love is with Health, Fitness, and People. I believe the true key to a healthy and happy life is God, Family, Fitness, helping others, and a willingness to never stop learning.

When I was a freshman in college, I was working as a Welder part-time. I had an accident at work where a piece of metal came down and cut clean through my welding shirt and completely through two tendons in my wrist. The surgery took almost three hours to re-attach everything and a full year to heal completely. While spending months working with a Physical Therapist, I realized that was something I was interested in doing, helping people. Being from a sports background, I thought, what better than to become a Personal Trainer?

After pursuing more education, I did an Internship with a Health Club for three months and they hired me at the end of it. I worked for them for 6 years and have acquired many skills and certifications along the way and have helped thousands of people change their lives.

During that time, I competed in Body Building and Men’s Physique shows. The last show I won was the 2013 Muscle Mayhem Class D. It was a great run competing in shows but I realized I had to find balance with it all. So, I changed up my workout programs and nutrition to help with everything from strength, cardio, aesthetics, mobility, injury prevention techniques, and endurance. That is what lead me to the style of training and format you will see in the classes and private training I offer at Propel.

I believe there is no wrong method or absolutes when it comes to Fitness. Find what works for you and meets your goals and attack it head on. I will offer my knowledge and training to help you succeed!

Shea Reece

Owner/Personal Trainer

Colby Wilcox

Personal Trainer

Colby Wilcox- Personal Trainer since 2012

I believe the most important keys to health and fitness is both patience and consistency. Every day is a day to get better but not every day will yield results. Stay the route and always persevere to prevail.

My fitness journey started later than most as I didn’t play much sports growing up. I started playing football my sophomore year and it was the first real time touching weights. I was a skinny kid and honestly was picked on a lot because of my size. This left me very timid and afraid to lift around my peers because I was not strong compared to them. Without much help or direction, I just went through the motions.

I graduated high school in 2010 at around 135 pounds. This is when I started getting serious in the weight room. I found motivation in bodybuilders and athletes and really did my homework when it came to training. Everything that I had learned I have read and researched and by that time had started to actually put on some muscle. It still wasn’t till later that I realized I wanted to be a personal trainer.

In 2012 I was approached by an employee of the gym who had been watching my progress and they extended a job offering to me. I began my journey as a trainer changing my degree path from engineering to exercise science and continuing to learn more about the fitness industry. It wasn’t till 3 years later when I met Isaiah that I really began applying myself and becoming successful and gaining clientele. He has been by far the best mentor to date and I’m more than excited to be a part of Propel’s team.

I find great joy in meeting new people and helping then start their fitness journeys. While helping them to stay motivated and successful. Can’t wait to add more to our fitness family that has only just begun!