Name: Beau Beattie    Age: 30

Background (work, fitness beginner/expert, ex-athlete, etc.)

I am currently a graduate student in pharmacy school and will be a pharmacist at Grove Pharmacy in May of 2018. I was a college baseball player at the Division-II level and worked in medical device sales before returning to graduate school. I have exercised my whole life at both commercial gyms and Crossfit gyms.

When did you join Propel Fitness Center?

I joined in July of 2017.

How did you hear about us?

I grew up with Shea and met Isaiah while he was working at commercial gym. When I found out he left and opened his own gym, I decided to give it a try.

What is your most/least favorite workout or exercise so far?

My favorite movement is burpee-over-bar and my least favorite movement is the Bulgarian lunge or thrusters. My favorite workouts are any that are cardio-based so I can beat Isaiah in them.

What do you like about Propel?

I like that the workouts are always changing and include both strength and cardio. The trainers also program workouts that challenge me each time, but they do the workouts too and listen to how the members feel so they know when we need a lighter day.

What are some goals that you have met so far since being a part of the Propel Family? (Can be weight related, new PR’s, mental health, etc.)

I have seen an increase in all of my PRs since joining Propel. I had leveled off in a lot of my numbers before coming to Propel and now it seems like they go up each time we re-test them. I have also been able to put on more lean muscle weight by following the diet plan Isaiah programs for me.

What makes Propel standout from other gyms you have belonged to in the past?

I have been a member of other gyms where coaches program the workouts for members. They all have good programming. The coaches at Propel stand out from other gyms because they treat every member the same. It does not matter if you are brand new to working out or if you have exercised your whole life; they watch your form and correct your technique. They also encourage you the entire time and motivate you to push yourself. The “Propel family” also sets the gym apart from other facilities. All of the members make you feel welcome from the first day you are there. We work hard, but have a great time while doing it. Some of us are more competitive than others and try to beat each other, but it is a friendly competition. We also hang out away from the gym and throw get-togethers at the gym. We truly are a gym family and I look forward to the hour I get to spend with them each day.

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