Name: Lauren    Age: 27


I did ballet, jazz and modern dance all through college as well as dance team. After that I did mostly hot yoga but had not worked out in almost a year when I joined Propel. I had also never lifted before joining.

When did you join Propel Fitness Center?

Oct 2017

How did you hear about us?

Shea Higgins

What is your most/least favorite workout or exercise so far?

My favorite lift is deadlift and my least favorite exercise is burpees.

What do you like about Propel?

I love that even though I have never done this style of working out before I feel very comfortable there. All of the trainers are awesome and were very helpful when I first started. They made sure that I was doing the movements correctly before they ever encouraged me to add weight.

What are some goals that you have met so far since being a part of the Propel Family?

My main goal when joining was to just be more active and healthy as well as have an outlet for stress from work/grad school.

What makes Propel standout from other gyms you have belonged to in the past?

I have never belonged to a gym in the past and part of that is that I was intimidated and felt like I wouldn’t fit in. That has never been an issue here and my husband and I have made a ton of new friends here and we love the culture here.

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