Name: Tina Dold    Age: 36

Background (work, fitness beginner/expert, ex-athlete, etc.)

I was an athlete in my younger years. Playing basketball, softball, running track and cross-country. I took a brief hiatus in my 20s to finish college, get married, and have a baby. The year I turned 30 I made a commitment to myself to get healthy and start moving again. I have been hitting the gym ever since.

When did you join Propel Fitness Center?

I’m an OG!!! Joined January 2017!!

How did you hear about us?

Shea and I did Crossfit together for several years. I went to Isaiah for nutrition/meal planning. When I saw they opened a gym I tried it out and never looked back.

What is your most/least favorite workout or exercise so far?

My favorite workouts are any filled with bench press or shoulder work because I’m seriously looking forward to having some killer arms for the first time in my LIFE this summer! ;) #yearofthearms

My least favorite workout is any EMOM full of thrusters or bar facing burpees!!! Disgusting!!!

What do you like about Propel?

I love the workouts that Isaiah programs. They are challenging yet it’s a workout that everyone can do. I also enjoy all the coaches and members. To hear everyone encouraging each other is a wonderful thing. The energy in the gym on PR days is awesome!! You would have to be here to experience it. There isn’t anything else like it.

What are some goals that you have met so far since being a part of the Propel Family? (Can be weight related, new PR’s, mental health, etc.)

My strength and cardio have improved tremendously. I’m stronger now than what I’ve ever been but what I’m most excited about is being able to do regular push-ups in a workout and not having to scale them.

What makes Propel standout from other gyms you have belonged to in the past?

Isaiah has created a gym that has an energetic atmosphere and a place that you enjoy working out at. He is personally invested in each member and wants to see each of us reach our full potential.

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