Name: Tyler W.    Age: 29

Background (work, fitness beginner/expert, ex-athlete, etc.)

Former athlete that after organized sports couldn’t find the motivation to continue hitting the gym. Took a 5-year sabbatical.

When did you join Propel Fitness Center?

October 2017

How did you hear about us?

Shea Higgins

What is your most/least favorite workout or exercise so far?

I like almost all of the workouts due to the combination of strength and condition built in.

The worst workout was a day that combined: front squat, deadlift, thrusters, AND burpees all in one.

What do you like about Propel?

You can find similar style of workouts at several places. What I don’t think you can find is a better community who are consistently uplifting and encouraging as well as very welcoming.

What are some goals that you have met so far since being a part of the Propel Family?

Mainly around overall health. Goals are to show up at least 4 days a week and eat clean 5 days a week. I’ve found that if I just show up and do my part with my diet, I can’t help but see results.

What makes Propel standout from other gyms you have belonged to in the past?

Coaching: They all clearly want to be there. Even when they aren’t leading the session, they just show up to help. They are committed to making sure you do the lifts the right way thirst THEN push you to new PR’s.

Workout structure: The programming is extremely personal. Isaiah is constantly asking us about our bodies and building the workouts around what we need. They are hard but doable.

Other Members: I’ve seen my wife and I begin to look forward to going to the gym. A lot of that has to do with being around great people who consistently want to encourage us and make putting your body through pain, fun.

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